Communication Access Support Services (CASS)

CASS Department

The Communication Access Support Services Department (CASS) was founded three years ago.  There are three ASL interpreters, one Spanish interpreter and a Staff Development Specialist.  Last year began a new endeavor...outreach to their colleagues in the public school.  Beginning with Burke County, workshops, mentoring, observations, and support were offered and received with much enthusiasm.  This year the CASS department has expanded their outreach not only to Burke County also to Catawba County and all of Western North Carolina. 

            Each staff person continues to develop their own skills while also taking on new challenges.  Bill Ross continues to develop new workshops for interpreters and provides classes to NCSD staff, as well as the community, and state.  Ramon Perez is educating Hispanic students about their Hispanic origin, their culture and also providing a workshop for the community.  Ashleigh Lassiter serves as a mentor to public school students, educational interpreters and interpreting students in the community college.  She is also providing training & workshops for NCSD staff and NWRESA.  Sharon Hurley works with NCSD staff providing sign language classes and training.  Sharon teaches workshops to the community, educational interpreters and provides interpreting evaluations for public school interpreters.  In addition, Sharon provides the Sign Language Performance Interview (SLPI).  The SLPI helps to assess sign language strengths and weakness during production.  Peggy Sanders maintains the schedule for the CASS staff, handles registration for workshops, is responsible for designing the CASS informational bulletin and, of course, interprets.

Updated - 11/2/2009